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Carabiners – Steel

OMEGA – MODIFIED D 7/16” AUTOLOCK CARABINER Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, this 'biner is a must for every rescue kit. Part Number: OP76S35Q MBS: 11,475 LBS (51 kN) Gate Opening: .945 in OMEGA – MODIFIED D 7/16” SCREWLOCK CARABINER Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, this [...]

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Full Body Seat Harness

390 RTR TOWER ACCESS HARNESS Together with Ropes That Rescue Ltd., we designed this harness to meet the demands of the transmission line worker, structural access professional and arborists. It has a modular work/tool pouch system allowing the user to customize each harness to their own arrangement — a first of it's kind. Easily [...]

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Lodestar Series 635 Low Headroom Trolley

LODESTAR SERIES 635 LOW HEADROOM TROLLEY WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 1/8 TO 3 TONS CLEARANCE DIMENSIONS (IN) Dimensions A, B, C, F and AA E and H J, L, JJ and LL R RR RT and RRT A 16 5⁄16 19 1⁄4 18 1⁄4 23 3⁄4 23 3⁄4 30 1⁄8 B 6 1⁄8 6 1⁄8 7 [...]

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Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

LODESTAR ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 1/8 TO 3 TONS The balanced, integrated, proven design of the Lodestar has made it the most popular electric chain hoist in the industry. Lodestar gives you more value for your money including: FEATURES & BENEFITS Up to 3 ton capacities for heavy-duty applications Gear train lifetime [...]

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EC Trolley Suspensions

EC TROLLEY SUSPENSIONS WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 1/4 TO 5 TONS COFFING ECT, ECGT, and ECMT Models - Plain, geared and motorized trolley suspensions with all the features of basic EC models for added flexibility in a variety of applications. FEATURES & BENEFITS Plain trolley for manual positioning of hoist and load. Geared trolley for [...]

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EC Hook & Lug Suspension

EC HOOK & LUG SUSPENSION WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 1/4 TO 5 TONS COFFING EC Models - High performance hoists engineered for heavy duty industrial service. Designed for safety, the EC incorporates mechanical load brake, motor brake, and overload clutch as standard. FEATURES & BENEFITS Capacities & Lift: Rated loads from 1/4 to 5 Tons, with 10, [...]

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CB Hand Chain Hoist

CB HAND CHAIN HOIST 1⁄2 THROUGH 100 TON CAPACITY Harrington CB hand chain hoists combine a rugged exterior shell with machined interior components to handle your most demanding lifting operations. An efficient drive train minimizes manual effort, while double enclosed brake cover, standard slip clutch, and double pawl springs enhance performance and reliability. FEATURES & BENEFITS 8-foot [...]

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LB Lever Hoist

LB LEVER HOIST 3⁄4, 1, 11⁄2, 2, 2 3⁄4, 3, 6, AND 9 TON CAPACITY The LB Series of lever hoists offers a low headroom, compact design that is perfect for use in tight quarters. Regarded as the best lever hoist in the industry, our LB is recommended for use in heavy-duty construction work, [...]

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LHH Hand Chain Hoist

LHH HAND CHAIN HOIST WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 1/2 TO 50 TONS Coffing LSB-B Models - Stamped steel hand chain hoists are an excellent low cost option in the Coffing line. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for construction and contractor applications where portability and easy rigging are critical. FEATURES & BENEFITS Capacities & Lift: [...]

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LSB-B RATCHET LEVER HOIST WORKING LOAD LIMIT: 3/4 TO 6 TONS Coffing LSB-B Models are available with optional Load Limiters. Also featuring through-hardened load chain, these stamped steel ratchet lever hoists are lightweight, durable and are ideal for construction and commercial applications. All LSB-B hoists are metric rated. FEATURES & BENEFITS Capacities & Lift: [...]

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