Type C-7
A cable when crushed or deformed in cutting is difficult to use with fittings. These cable cutters, with unique triangular jaws, never leave a frayed end. Cutters range from the lightweight

Type C-7 — Capacity: 3/16″ diameter and smaller. Length: 8″. Weight: 10 oz.

Type C-9
Type C-9 Fills the gap between 0-7 and C-12 — cuts 1/4″ steel cable. Ideal for the tool kit. Length: 13″. Weight: 1.5 lbs.


Type C-12 — Capacity: 3/8″ diameter and smaller. Length: 19″. Weight: 3 lbs.
Type C-16
— Capacity: 5/8″ diameter and smaller. Length: 23″ Weight: 5 lbs.

Type HC-16 Type HC-20

New! Hydraulic Cable Cutters.
Head Swivels For Difficult Cutting Positions.

No. HC-16 Capacity: 5/8- and Smaller
Output: 4.4 tons
15- long, wt. 6.2 lbs.
No. HC-20 Capacity: 3/4- and Smaller
Output: 4.4 tons
15 1/8- long, wt. 6.4 lbs.





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