Petzl Stop® (D-09)
Self-braking descender. De-signed for use on vertical drops. The stop can be used on single ropes from 10 — 1 lmm. It brakes automatically as soon as the handle is released, con-trolling the speed of descent, it is done by varying the grip on the free end of the rope. Brak-ing is over-ridden as soon as the handle is pressed. The clip allows it to be on and off the rope without detaching it from the harness!
Peztl I.D.® (D-20)
Self-braking descender/belay device. The I’D is primarily a particularly efficient and user friendly descender. It offers unmatched security in descent and has an anti-panic func-tion: it locks if gripped too hard. Constructed from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Handle is made from nylon reinforced with glass fibers.
Petit Mini-Traxion® (P-07)
Pulley and Rope Clamp/Grab Very compact, lightweight and exceptionally easy to place on the rope. It replaces the tra-ditionally pulley and carabiner. Rope clamp/ grab used for lifting either materials or per-sonell. WLL 5KNPetzl Pro-Traxion® (Larger version also available)
Petzl Gri-Gri (D-14)
Self braking belay device/de-scender. Used as a belay device the rope is locked when a fall occurs by the action of the cam which grabs the rope The handle is used to unlock the rope with the hand. The Gri-Gri® works well for moving and work position-ing on an inclined surface.
Traditional decent device with removable bars.
Figure “8”
Forged for high-strength and durability.
Ascension (B-17) R-L
Used for hauling or ascen-sion. It’s chrome steel auto-locking cam gives optimum grip on rope and slides up-ward easily.
BW Rescue 8®
Designed for rappelling and low-ering heavier loads in rescue sit-uations. Allows for better heat dissipation and increased strength.
Petzl Rescuescender (B-50)
Rope clamp/grab. Used for pulling on rope or as progress capture device. It’s uniquely grooved cam can slip slightly if overloaded. In is a quick two-step process. It can be used as a positioning or a safety device when ascending or descending fixed ropes. 9 — 13mm ropes Petzl Macroscender® (B-51) Available for 12 — 19mm ropes.
Petzl Swivel (P-58)
Sealed ball-bearing swivel offers a smooth and reliable rotation. It accepts up to 3 carabiners in the top hole. Breaking Strength 35 KN WLL 5 KN
Petzl Paw Rigging Plat (P-63)
A streamlined anchor plate that ergonomically prevents locked carabintvrs from jamming together and locking up.
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