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Alumi-Safe Harnesses

Full Body Harness with D-ring Center Back 98305N Small-Large 98306N X-Large Full Body Harness with D-ring Center Back w/ 3 D-Rings 98305 Small-Large 98306 X-Large Full Body Harness, Iron Worker’s Type. Back Pad and Tool Belt. Tongue-Buckle Connections 98396B Small-Large 98397B X-Large [...]

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NEW! Jugger-Naut Water jug hoisting device safe working load 400 lbs. BH975GAL 5 Gallon BH910GAL 10 Gallon NEW! Tri-Bar D-ring 2 D-rings are better than one! Shown with 96501 8” LD Sold Separately. Add TB to Prefix of Harness Ultra-Bears w/ Bear Rated Harness  


Ladder Safety System

Ladder Safety System The safety system features sealed anchor head, adjustable clamp brackets, H.D. steel square tubing supports, cable stand-off (every 30 ft.),  3/8” dia. Stainless Steel wire rope. 60’ reach and lower eye bolt Adjust tension. The ladder safety system features: Sealed anchor head Adjustable clamp brackets H.D. steel square tubing supports Cable stand-off (every [...]

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THE WORLD'S FIRST MOBILE FALL ARREST ANCHOR FILLED WITH WATER The ecoAnchor is a totally unique concept in fall protection and uses renewable resources for both manufacture and installation. Due to the massive weight saving durring transportation it can also reduce the carbon footprint. The anchor is constructed of a special natural rubber material that [...]


Rescue Systems

RESCUE KIT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: Extension Pole Connection Pole 2 Carabiners Lifting and Lowering Block and Tackle Brake System 3/8 Static Line Locking Pull Handle Tie-Off Sling Carrying Bag Training DVD 96954-50 For 50’ Lift or Lowering   NEW! RESCUE KIT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: High functional safety Innovative construction, corrosion-resistant Resistant to damp, heat & [...]

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Horizontal Lifeline System – Steel

Horizontal Lifeline System - Steel (4 Personnel ) 96760-120 120’ horizontal lifeline system unit consists of the following 1 - 3/8” x 120’ gal cable with turnbuckle 1 - US-SuperShock 3 - 3/8” D.F. clip 2 - US - 5082AC Anchors 1 - Pass through intermediate Note: Mandatory every 60’    

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Horizontal Synthetic Lifeline – 4 Person

HORIZONTAL SYNTHETIC LIFELINE  96964-80 FEATURES: 5/8 inch low stretch polyester double braid with wear indicator. Max 80 feet up to 4 persons Simple to install via RVT - Rope Vice Tensioner Rope bag keeps equipment protected and stowed Easy to take down and install with quick release arm 15/16 inch spanner flats allow additional tension [...]

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Horizontal Lifeline System Synthetic – 5/8″

HORIZ LIFELINE SYSTEM SYNTHETIC 96952-60 60’ Horizontal Lifeline System SyntheticThis unit consists of the following: Unitensioner TM 5/8” Dia. synthetic rope Two anchorage webbing or cable slings Two carabiners Two steel o-rings Nylon carrying bag This unit performs the following functions: Stretching the synthetic rope Maintaining and controlling desired tension Absorbing motive energy of the [...]

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Lifeline Systems – Synthetic

Introducing Ultra-Safe’s new two personnel synthetic horizontal system.This kit is available in 60 and 100 foot lengths. It is extremely easy to use, portable, and economically priced. It comes with all the components listed below including storage bag. Designed for the concrete and steel industry. The crossed arm end straps can be substituted upon request [...]

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