Ultra-Safe offers a wide selection of concrete safety anchors. We also offer a variety of safety anchors for other materials. Other safety anchors include steel safety anchors, concrete safety anchors and roof safety anchors.

concrete safety anchors
Concrete Safety Anchor
US-1075CA 5,000 MBS for 3/4″ dia. hole-3″ deep
US-1100CA 10,000 MBS for 1″ dia. hole 4 1/2″deep
Steel Toggle and Concrete Anchor
Steel Toggle and Concrete Safety Anchor
US-1075WCA 5,000 MBS for 1″ dia. hole
concrete safety anchors concrete safety anchors
Girder Grip Safety Anchor
US-1075GG 5,000MBS for 3/4″ dia. hole
concrete safety anchors concrete safety anchors
Anchorage Connector Swivel Eye Concrete on Steel Safety Anchor
US-5082AC – 5/8″10,000 MBS at 360
US-5082ACSS – 5/8″ 5000 MBS at 360 in Stainless Steel
Concrete Anchors Concrete Anchors
NEW! – Safety Anchor Swivel
US-5082CAW – 10K Steel Anchor w/ 5/8″
GB steel bolt and Anchor weld puck

Anchor Swivel Hybrid
US-5082CAHB – for 1″ x 5″ hole
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