550 Adjustable Daisy
Useful in rope ascending techniques when using Yates Rescue Stirrups and a chest ascender. Multiple uses in stage rigging as an adjustable posi-tioning strap. Daisy strap incorporates a heavy duty cam buckle which allows user to easily adjust the distance between seat harness and ascender. At full extension adjustable daisy measures 56 inches. Strength 1500 lbf/6.61(11. Weight 8 oz.• Available in black or red
1785 Austri Alpin Power Fly Harness Carabiner
Quick connect carabiner designed to replace the existing screw link connectors used on many full body harnesses. Used to connectthe seat and chest portions of many Yates full body harnesses such as the Voyager, Voyager Riggers and Rope Access. Stainless steel. Strength 26kN.
453 Bolt and Tool Bag
One handed opening and closure makes this bag very useful for stage riggers and rope access personnel. Inside circumfer-ence of bag is lined with individualized tool separators. Bag measures 10 inches tall, 8 inches in diameter.
529 Rescue/Urban Assault Ladder
Offers the opportunity to scale heights using stan-dard aid techniques. Ladders can be linked together to increase length. Made of 1 inch webbing and steps are reinforced with stiffeners. Built in spread-er bar insures that steps remain open without caus-ing foot pinching. Built in wrist loops included. Length 15 feet with 16 steps. Weight 1 lb. 15 oz.• Strength 5000 lbf.
• Image shown short for clarity


1749 Riggers Equipment Pack
Similar to our bombproof Fast Rope Bags and big wall haul bags, the Riggers Equipment Pack is an extremely useful pack for the stage rigger who trav-els. Easily converted to a backpack style bag to carry heavy loads. Shoulder strap suspension sys-tem can be stowed under the cover flaps when not needed without having to be removed. This feature is ideal for airport travel. Constructed of the highest quality, extra heavy duty urethane coated nylon. This material has exceptional abrasion resistance. River bag style, roll down skirt configuration ensures that this bag is 99% watertight. Security strap over skirt can also be used as drag handle. Additional drag handle on bottom of bag. Bellows pocket with clear vinyl ID holder on side of pack for easy accessibility to quickly needed items. Designed to take years of heavy duty use and abuse. Weight 6 lb. 14 oz.


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