• The swaged fitting is machined from hot-rolled bars of steel conforming to AISI Designation: C 1035, and is annealed, making it suitable for cold swaging.
  • The one inch diameter stud conforms to the requirements of ASTM Designation: A 449 after galvanizing. The treads have a Class 2A fit before galvanizing.
  • The cables are ” preformed, 6 x 19, wire strand core or independent wire rope core (IWRC), galvanized in accordance v:ith the requirements in Federal Specification RR-W-410C, right regular lay, manufactured of improved plow steel with a minimum breaking strength of 23 tons.
  • All swage fittings shall conform to the State of California Department of Transportation Specifications.
  • All units custom fabricated to meet customer requirements.
  • End fittings available separately.
  • All units State inspected and tagged before shipment.



6 x 19 class, Galvanized IVVRC, IPS, RRL Wire Rope with minimum breaking strength of 23 tons.

1.04 lbs/par ft.

Swage Fitting Inclusive

7″ Stud
10″ Stud
12″ Stud
15″ Stud

5 lbs. each
5 3/4 lbs. each
6 lbs. each
6 3/4 lbs. each*

2″ Pipe Type Turnbuckle** 4 lbs. each

* Does not include 1″ heavy hex Nut, Jam Nut or Washer.
** Does not include swage fittings or studs.

Includes all components

  • Standard 6’6″ Units available with lock nut and washer on eacIl stud end.
  • Single stud end Units for Anchor Connections.
  • 2″ pipe type Turnbuckle for coupling.
  • Quantities available form 1 to 1 000.
  • All units State inspected and tagged before shipment.


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