High-leverage Design Ironworker’s / Rodman’s Side-Cutting Pliers

High-leverage design for easier cutting of soft annealed tie wire. Provides a 46% greater mechanical cutting and gripping advantage than other pliers of this type. Knurled jaws. Hook bend in one handle for non-slip grip. With coil spring. Blue plas-tic-dipped handles

Regular Design Ironworker’s /
Rodman’s Side-Cutting Pliers

Specially designed and sharpened for cutting soft annealed tie wire used on reinforcing rods. Special, heavy, knurled jaws. Hook bend in one handle for non-slip grip. Coil spring holds jaws open. Blue plastic-dipped handles.

Standard Nose with Angled Head, High-leverage

High-leverage, heavy-duty with head angled for easier work in confined areas. Standard bevel cutting knives. Red plastic-dipped handles

Cat. No. A B C D E

9 9/32 1 7/16 1 7/32 5/8 23/32
(236) (37) (31) (16) (18)
213-9ST With plain handles
Cat. No. A B C D E

8 3/4 1 9/32 1 5/32 1/2 5/8
(222) (33) (29) (13) (16)
201-7CST With plain handles
Cat. No. A B C D

8 13/16 1 3/16 7/16
(203) (21) (30) (11)
D238-8 Same as D248-8, but with semi-flush cutting knives for Cherry Burrell rivets. Not for hard wire; for use on non-ferrous wire only

Large Straight-wall Buckets

Cat. No. Size and Description
5109 12″ Dia. x 15″ H
(30×38 cm)
5109P Same as 5109 but with 8″x8″
(20×20 cm) inside pocket.
5109S Same as 5109 but with
No. 2012 swivel snap.
5109PS Same as 5109P but with
No. 2012 swivel snap.

Pliers Holders

Plier nose does not protrude from these high-quality holders. Bottom is vented to prevent collection of dirt or water. 5112 is slotted to fit belts up to 2″ wide (51 mm) or may be riveted on. No. 5112T has tunnel loop to fit belts up to 3″ wide (76 mm). Made of leather.

Cat. No. Nominal Size
5112 3 1 /2″ x 9″ (9×23 cm)
5112T 3 1/4 “x 12 1/2“ (8×32 cm)

Electrode Bag

Bag is tough No. 4 canvas with heat-resistant hard leather bottom. Height in front is 12″ (30 cm); height in back is 151/2″ (39 cm). Web loop for sliding over belt.

Cat. No. Size and Description
5471 2 1/2 ” (64 mm)

Bull Pin/Bolt Bags

Bolt bag with bull pin loop on each side. Made of No. 4 canvas with double bottom, 3″ (76 mm) belt loops or tunnel loop. Also available in leather.

Cat. No. Description
5416 Canvas, 5″x9″x10″ deep (13x23x25 cm). Loops
fit belts up to 3″ wide
(76 mm).
5416T Same, with tunnel loop.
5416L Same as No. 5416T
except made of leather.

Leather wrench holder with cotton web tunnel loop. Has slots for two erection wrenches. Tunnel loop allows use on wider belts or to slide over D rings, buckles and other accessories.

Cat. No. Nominal Size
5461T 6×9 1/2″ (15×24 cm)

Tie-Wire Reel

The Klein tie-wire reel feeds pre-coiled wire smoothly, easily, quickly to save time and reduce wasted wire.Handles all types of tie-wire.

Smooth aluminum alloy reel with wear parts made of steel. Rugged, but light-weight. Large, comfortable rewinding knob. Nylon bushing assures smooth, trouble-free operation. Cover plate is removed without tools for quick, convenient re-loading.

Designed for left- or right-hand use. Op-tional accessory leather belt and hip pad available separately.

Cat. No. 27400

Tire-wire reel Pad.

Worn on the belt under the Klein tie-wire reel. Made of ‘/,6″ (5 mm) thick Ultra-Hyde”” with slots to accom-modate belts up to 2″ (51 mm) wide. Pad size is 7″x7″(18 cm x 18 cm) with rounded corners. Underside has a sponge-rubber pad to minimize hip fatigue. Cat. No. 27450

Heavy-duty, extra-wide
leather belt.

Rugged 2″ wide (51 mm) belt of heavy strap leather for use with the Klein tie-wire reel. Strong double-tongue buckle Size adjusts from 37″ to 44″ (91 cm to 112 cm). Other sizes also available.

Cat. No. 5415

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