Now and improved version of our DC Gymrope. Utilizes the same TPT (twill pattern technology) cover as the Glider series for increased durability and softer hand. Designed to be used with a GriGri.
Exceptional static ropes for rappelling. caving, rescue. and iife safety applications. KM III is the original staic to utilize a UV resistant polyester sheath balanced with a nylon core. KM Ill absorbs less moisture. is lower stretch. and more abrasion resistant. KM III unique hand allows for easier knot tying. better knot holding. and helps to defuse sharp edge forces. NFPA
Unique rescue system lifeline constructed with a durable nylon sheath and a MFP core that is spliceable. Designed to do more than just float. Water Rescue Rope works perfectly with prusiks. Gibbs. and belay devices.
G501G60 Named “Editor’s Choice” in 2001 by Climbing Magazine.
KM III Max uses our TPT (twill pattern technology) cover That creates The most abrasion resistant, balanced. and smooth handling static rope available The perfect choice for heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, and caving.
The strongest and smallest cordellete or chock cord available. Tech Cord s 5mm diameter and 5000Ibs tensile is achieved using a unidirectional Technora core and a bombproof polyester sheath. The soft, supple hand makes Tech Cord the perfect choice for balancing anchors. slinging chocks and hexes. Tech Cord is now available in 60m lengths for ultra lightweight haul lines and emergency rap line*. This cord should be tied with a double fisherman.s knot. .Please note special friction
Our accessory cords are manufactured with the same -.igh standards and are designed to complement our dynamic and static ropes. Flexible and easy to knot, these torque-free cords are of high strength nylon kernmantie construction with suDerior wear
Model Diameter Grams/Meter Falls Impact Force Elongation Sheath Slippage
Double Happiness 8.5mm 48.2 8 6.02 kN 9.6% 0
Double Happiness 9.0mm 53.3 12 6.3 kN 7.0% 0
Whippet 9.5mm 62.9 8 10.18 kN 5.8% 0
Bi-Pattern 9.8mm 66.04 7 10.5 kN 4.4% 0
Bi-Pattern 10.5mm 70.66 10 9.43 kN 4.8% 0
Glider 9.8mm 65 8 9.8 kN 6.5% 0
Glider 10.5mm 72 9 11.2 kN 6.6% 0
Leavittator 9.0mm 53.3 12 6.3 kN 7.0% 0
Leavittator 9.8mm 66.04 7 10.5 kN 4.4% 0
Leavittator 0.5mm 70.66 10 9.43 kN 4.8% 0
Leavittator 11mm 75.2 14 9.62 kN 4.8% 0
G50/G60 10.5mm 68.8 7 10.5 kN 7.3% 0
Gym-Bo 10.8mm 77.8 9 10.6 kN 6.2% 0
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