Strongest Aluminum Single sheave snatch-block type pulleys available. Designed for ropes up to 5/8″ diameter. Ultra-lightweight sheave fitted with Oilite° bushing, or sealed bearing, and rotating high strength alloy aluminum sideplate& Triangular rigging hole accepts up to three 13mm carabiners. Can use RSI Big Hook carabiner as becket rigging point for mechanical advantage hauling systems.Exceeds NFPA 1983, 1985 Edition/ANSI/OSHA strength specifications.
Strength 10,000 lbf. 44.5 kN
RWL 1,000 lbs. 455 kg
Dimensions 5.25″ x 2.25″ 131 x 56mm
Pitch Dia. 1.5″ 37.5mm
Weight 8.6 oz. 244 gm
Color Blue
Strength 10,000 lbf. 44.5 kN
RWL 1,000 lbs. 455 kg
Dimensions 7″ x 3″ 175 x 75mm
Pitch Dia. 2.3″ 57.5mm
Weight 14 oz. 397 gm
Color Orange
Strength 10,000 lbf. 44.5 kN
RWL 1,000 lbs 455 kg
Dimensions 10″ x 4.5″ 250 x 112mm
Pitch Dia. 3.4″ 85mm
Weight 28 oz. 794 gm
Color Gold
610012 2″ Rescue Pulley, °Hite® Bushing
610012B 2″ Rescue Pulley, Sealed Bearing
610013B 3″ Rescue Pulley, Sealed Bearing
610013 3″ Rescue Pulley, ()Hite® Bushing
610014 4″ Rescue Pulley, Oilite® Bushing
610014B 4″ Rescue Pulley, Sealed Bearing
Ideal far Prusik Mirding A new design in 2″ pulleys for 7/16″ and 1/2″ ropes. The three separate rigging holes provide unlimited opportunities. The unique delta shape works better than previous prusik minding pulley designs. The RSI triangular rigging hole accepts multiple carabiners. The other holes allow carabiner, ascenders, and prusik cords to be suspended below the pulley.
Strength 8,000 lbf. 35.6kN
RWL 800 lbs. 364 kg
Dimensions 6.5″ x 5.5″ 162 x 137mm
Pitch Dia. 1.9″ 47.5mm
Weight 12 oz. 340 gm
Color Purple
610127 Rigging Pulley, Oilite Bushing
610127B Rigging Pulley, Sealed BearingExceeds NFPA 1983/ANSI/OSHA strength specifications.
Technical rescue and safety is potentially hazardous. Any person using equipment sold by RESCUE TECHNOLOGY in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, and assumes all risks and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind, including death, which may result from the use of any RESCUE TECHNOLOGY equipment. In a pulley smaller than an oval aluminum carabiner, RSI has packed a full size axle bushing and over 6,000 lbf. tensile strength. The K-2 pulley is the ultimate product for the rescuer in remote areas. Designed for 7/16″ ropes but will fit ropes up to 1/2″ diameter. Ideal for white water runners, mountaineers, and EMS operations.

Tensile Strength: 6,000 lbf.
RWL: 600 lbs.
Dimensions: 3 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Weight: 3.1 oz.

610111 K-2 Pulley (Black)
610114 K-2 Pulley (Red)

Exceeds NFPA 1983, 1985 Edition/ANSI/OSHA strength specifications.
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