We and our associate companies are proud to announce that after being in the wire rope business for over 60 years we have finally found a wire rope with which we want to be exclusively identified. This wire rope has been manufactured to our exacting standards and substantially exceeds the standards of the United States Government (RR-W-410D) and industry practices.

TAN STRAND‘ Wire Rope offers three guarantees to our customers.

I. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION — which means that you can always identify from where the wire rope came and allows us to stand by our product l00%. You and your insurance company have the same reassurance.
2. TAN STRAND – has two colored strands which identify it to be extra improved plow steel grade.
3. All TAN STRAND Wire Rope is tested to assure you the highest quality and strength at all times.

(Nominal Breaking Strength (Net Tons of 2000 Lbs.)

Galvanized and Stainless Also Available
Sizes up to 4 1/2″ Diam.

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