Sliding Winch Track:
Sliding Winch Track integrates flexibility with security in the tie-down process. Sliding Winch Track allows Sliding Winches to be relocated to the optimal locations for each unique load configuration. Also, the Track can be cross-bolted or capped on the ends for security. The design of both the Sliding Winch Track and the Sliding Winches, when used in an integrated system, create a self-cleaning maintenance-free operation.

Winch Bars:
Pacific Winch Bars feature knurling for both hands creating a non-slip handle for safety. The Winch Bar Tips are tapered for ease of opera-tion and serrated to help prevent slipping when inserted into a Winch.

Standard Winch Bars should never be used for tightening Chain Binders.

Combination Binder Only Bars have modified box ends for tightening Chain Binders.

Oversized Tube Combination Winch Bars (not pictured), are available in Chrome #70041 or Painted #7005T.

#7002 Chrome Standard Winch Bar #7003 Painted Standard Winch Bar
#7004 Chrome CombinationWinch Bar #7005 Painted Combination Winch Bar
#7004B Chrome Binder Box Bar #7005B Painted Binder Box Bar

Corner Protectors: Corner Protectors are designed to protect both the cargo which is being transported and the strap assembly or binder webbing. Use of a Corner Protector between the cargo and the binder will help prevent premature strap assembly abrasion and wear caused by the edges of the secured cargo during transportation. All Pacific Corner Protectors feature a recessed area at the 90 degree bend to protect the edges of the secured cargo.

The abrasion resistant Cordura Nylon Sleeve offers flexibility for optimum conformance to the load contour. Standard length is 12″. Other lengths are available upon request.

#T2400-2-3/8 #7040 #SLP-76G #SR-16G
Cordura Nylon Sleeve for up to 2″ Webbing 5″ Plastic for up to 4″ Webbing 5″ Galvanized Steel for up to 4″ Webbing 13-1/2″ Galvanized Steel for up to 4″ Webbing
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