Ladder Safety System

The safety system features sealed anchor head, adjustable clamp brackets, H.D. steel square tubing supports, cable stand-off (every 30 ft.),  3/8” dia. Stainless Steel wire rope. 60’ reach and lower eye bolt Adjust tension.

Ladder Safety System
Ladder Safety System Illustration

The ladder safety system features:

  • Sealed anchor head
  • Adjustable clamp brackets
  • H.D. steel square tubing supports
  • Cable stand-off (every 30 ft.)
  • 3/8” dia. Stainless Steel wire rope. 60’ reach
  • Lower eye bolt Adjust tension

Recommended torque 65 ft/lbs. Minimum

Cable safety climb system 60’ Stainless Steel cable.
Note: Other lengths available.

Cable stand-off recommended every 30’

Cable Grab sold separately