Compacted Strand Wire Rope

Compacted strand wire rope is a wire rope manufactured from strands which have been compacted or reduced in diameter prior to laying strands around the core into a finished wire rope. There are various known methods for compacting; drawing the strand through a compacting die, roller reduction and rotary swaging are several examples. The compacting process flattens the surface of the outer wires and reforms internal wires of the strand to increase the metallic area of the strand. The result is a smoother bearing surface at the strand crowns and an increase in nominal strength over round strand rope of the same diameter and classification.

6 x 26 Warrington Seale Compacted Strand IWRC

8 x 26 Warrington Seale Compacted Strand IWRC

19 x 19 Seale Compacted Strand

Compacted Strand Rope Cross-sections

The entire cross section of a rope is compacted or reduced in diameter following laying strands around the IWRC to produce compacted or swaged wire rope. Rotary swaging is the most common process for compacted rope although other processes may be used. As illustrated the wires and strands of the rope are flattened to produce a relatively smooth and wear resistant outer surface. Compacted rope generally has good wear resistance, crushing resistance and high strength, however bending fatigue life may be reduced by the compacting process.