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General Purpose


Other Chain


Link chain includes loop, welded, weldless, sash, jack, ball, beaded, plumbers, safety, and coil chains for lifting, securing, lashing, mooring, rigging, security, keeping, traction, actuation and other applications.

CM Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain

Electrically welded from low carbon steel, CM grade 30 is a durable, economical utility chain for applications which do not require a high strength to weight ratio. It has a wide range of applications throughout industry and agriculture, including logging, guard rails, towing, tailgates, and securing loads.

CM Grade 43 High Test Chain

A higher strength carbon steel chain provides an increased strength to weight ratio. Industrial applications include lumbering, construction, binding and load securement assemblies.

CM Grade 70 Binding Chain

Load ratings for CM grade 70 chain average 20% higher than CM grade 43 chain, so a smaller size chain can be used for many jobs. Advantages include less weight, easier handling and more convenient storage. Higher strength makes CM grade 70 ideal for truckers, loggers and highway crews; for secure load binding and tie-downs; for towing, hauling and lashing, and as trawling chain. Additional uses include oil rigs and a variety of other OEM applications.

CM Herc-Alloy Grade 100 Chain

The CM chain specifically recommended for overhead lifting, Herc-Alloy Grade 100 is engineered from specially selected alloy steel for the highest strength to weight ratio and maximum durability. Increased strength enables the user to employ a lighter, smaller chain on many jobs.