Impact Wire Rope Cutters

Actuated by striking with a hammer, impact wire rope cutters are easy to operate and give superior performance without jamming. They are precision-engineered to deliver a clean cut without affecting the original roundness of the wire rope. The blades and dies are made of the finest tool steel available, heat-treated, and ground to close tolerances.

Model 1
3/4″ capacity

Model 1A
1 1/16″ capacity

Model 2
Extra Heavy-Duty
1 1/2″ capacity

Manual Hydraulic Cutters for Wire Rope

Pell Hydrashear manual cutters are self-contained hydraulic cable cutters that are precision engineered tools designed to give a clean cut with minimum effort. Just pump the handle, no outside power is required. Able to be easily carried, these models are favorites of contractors, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen, and are recommended by wire rope manufacturers worldwide. All three models can operate under water (with slight modification).

Model W-075
3/4″ capacity
21 lbs

Model P-1125
1 1/8″ capacity
34 lbs

Model C-1750
1 3/4″ capacity
66 lbs

Powered Operated Cutters

Our power operated cutter models can be activated by any electric, gasoline, hand, battery, or air operated hydraulic pump capable of developing 10,000 psi and having free flow return through the pressure line. The pumps are then hose-connected to the Hydrashear body. Available in three sizes and cutting capacities and electric or air versions.

Model POC 1125 – 3/4″ capacity, 235 lbs

Model POC 1750 – 1 3/4″ capacity, 255 lbs

Model POC 2500 – 2 1/2″ capacity, 300 lbs

The POC 2500 can cut as many pieces of wire rope as can be gathered into the shearblade (designed to accept up to and including 2 1/2″ diameter Super Plow steel wire rope.)

Optional mounting of POC 2500: Mounted on a base plate and skids for shipping. Dimensions: steel base palte 13 1/2″ wide x 42″ long; overall height 21″. Power: 1.7hp; 115 or 230 volt; 50/60 HZ motor.